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Actions are symbolic representation of thoughts and violent acts are physical manifestations of violent thoughts.

Pin-point definition as to who actually is a terrorist is hard to come by:normally it is argued that a group of people oppressed by a regime uses violence to highlight a political,religious or ideological message not hesitating to use any means and opportunities however heinous,regardless of the destructive and traumatic implications it will cause to others.

Association JEUNES DU MONDE,based in Toulouse,West of France.are in pursuit since more than a decade to promote the theme »Living in Peace and Tolerance amidst different cultures »almost every year through International symposiums taking recourse to various creative Arts,mainly music, painting, dance and through writing where the interpreters are themselves  the creators. .During these manifestations we try to drive home the point that although the age old type of Imperialism is on the wane,the need to « fuel » and « replenish » highly consumptive economies of the Western World,whose tentacles are also now pointed towards the developing world, especially in the Indian sub-continent, is alarming and much thought is needed as to  what level « development » can be stretched forward…

Solutions to eradicate violence and its sources totally are only but an utopia,but instilling a sense of understanding so that the adolescent realizes the in-built risks and not get swept away by the consumerist propaganda,kowtowed so fervently by the media in promoting the magic of the Corporate World and its Culture.

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